Water is very much in the foreground. Everybody is talking about it and it is constantly making the headlines.  Will there be enough? Is it clean? Who controls and has access to it? How is it affected by climate  change? In the background of these discussions, however, are the objects that give water shape, dimension, presence, history and geography. These are things that communicate water, both in a literal and figurative sense, and influence how we experience, understand  and value it — that is, how we know it.

Our blog is an interdisciplinary conversation about water and its objects. Every conversation will start with an object — a painting, a map, a photo, a building, a dam, a pipe, a reservoir, a text. We, geographer Jeffrey Banister,  and art historian Stacie Widdifield, present some of those objects along with commentaries and questions that are meant to generate discussion. We’ll also be inviting contributors to present their own objects, ideas, and questions. Our own research focuses especially on Mexico, but we’ll be looking at water objects globally. Every picture of H20 is worth a story, and we’ll keep ours under a 1000 words, give or take.

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