The Color of Water

When we built this site, we looked at the available themes and decided on the one you see here — with its banner of floating orange-ish disks. We did ask ourselves if orange was an appropriate color for a blog about water and its objects. Maybe we should stick with the color that everybody seems to associate with water: blue? A colleague who checked out the site recently said “the color is wrong.” Now, we could go on and change the theme or just change a few lines of code to make a more appropriately aqueous palette. Is it really wrong or inappropriate to feature orange here? We did actually consider orange as suggestive of sun and drought — living in Tucson, it’s not hard to see why. And, we just didn’t want yet another water = blue presentation.

So, let’s have a think about the color of water. Is associating water with the color blue kind of a nostalgic proposition? a commercial ploy? How much blue water is in your life?

What Color is Water?

Color of Water

Bottled-Water Keeps Tight Grip on Mexicans  – Noticias nacionales

Mexico Acid Leak Leaves Orange River, Toxic Water

And an update to the Orange River, Toxic Water story…





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